Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking

Increase Alexa Ranking For Image, Ads And Sales

Alexa is one of the web’s most established website ranking services, using sophisticated algorithms to identify the popularity of sites in a way which is easy to understand – one single number for each site. The higher your site’s Alexa rank, the more popular, the more authoritative, the more trusted and the more appealing your business’s site becomes.

But isn’t an Alexa rank the same as my site’s search engine position?

No. the search engines might determine that your site is highly relevant for a particular search query, but that query might not by itself generate many hits. In other words, your site’s position in the search engines is determined largely by relevancy, and by the opinions and actions of those people who have actively sought out your content. Your search result rank is therefore only comparing you to other sites which are very, very similar.

Your Alexa rank compares you to the entire web. Every single site. From some high school kid’s summer project to Google itself. Your site’s Alexa ranking therefore shows you the most objective view of your site possible, and demonstrates just how you stack up against even the biggest sites on the web.

But whilst there’s a difference between your rank in the search results and your rank on, there is a direction connection between the two. Because not only is it evident that Google takes into consideration a website’s Alexa rank when determining a site’s relevance, authority and quality, but the description displayed beneath the website address when your site appears in the search results is very often taken not from your website at all – but straight from your listing on! This shows clearly just why it is so important to make sure that you take Alexa very seriously, since it can have a huge impact across almost the whole of your SEO online marketing.

Why Is My Alexa Rank Important?

There are several reasons why having a high Alexa rank could be critical to the success of an online business presence. This varies from one business to another, but the most popular reasons include:

  • Create positive image of success to encourage sales and signups
  • Gain the interest of advertisers, adding additional revenue streams
  • Increase the amount offered/paid by advertisers
  • Boost the perceived value of the site for investment, transfer or sale

Let’s look at each of these a little more closely before finding out just how we can help to achieve this for your website.

1. Increase Your Alexa Rank To Create Positive Image Of Success

In many market areas, such as e-commerce or marketing, it is common practice for potential clients to check out a business’s Alexa ranking. A business with a low rank can easily find many potential clients either look no further, or take all subsequent claims and statements with a very great deal of salt. Having a high Alexa ranking is a great advertisement for a business. After all, if a business’s rank puts them in the top 100,000, 50,000 or even 1,000 websites in the world, that says much more than any position for a particular search engine query.

2. Gain Advertisers’ Interest With A High Alexa Ranking

One of the most important statistics which advertisers will verify when considering where to place their adverts is the Alexa rank. Onsite advertising can represent a hugely significant revenue stream, and in many cases this is the prime source of income for a website. But advertisers will be unlikely to pay for having their adverts on sites which are ranked very low. To secure the interest of relevant and reputable advertisers it is essential to have your site ranked high – at least within the top 100,000.

3. Increase Advertising Revenue With A High Alexa Rank

Whilst attracting advertisers with a reasonably good Alexa rank is the first stage, the second is to increase the amount advertisers are willing to pay for advertising through your site. A website with an Alexa ranking of 100,000 might be able to command £25 a month for a single advert, but that could rise to £50 a month if the site ranks at 50,000, and £200 a month if it ranks towards the top 5,000. Boosting your rank means significantly increasing advertising revenue.

4. Boost Your Alexa Rank To Boost Your Site’s Investment Or Purchase Value

Whether you’re looking at attracting the interest of investors, or you’re considering selling your online business, one of the key factors in determining its value is its Alexa rank. The higher the rank, the higher the perceived value of your site, and the more interest you’ll be able to generate from both investors and potential buyers.

What We Don’t Do To Boost Your Alexa Rank Position

There are some highly dubious tactics in use by some companies offering an Alexa rank increasing service, and some of these methods are likely to not only have very little real or sustained impact on your rank, but may well see your site blacklisted by major advertising networks such as Google Adsense.

For example, using software utilities which generate thousands of fake hits to a website through a proxy network can sometimes give the impression of quickly giving your rank a kick, but this is not likely to be long lasting, and is, in our opinion, highly risky, since it is a practice explicitly forbidden by Google, amongst other advertisers.

Some companies are still advising the use of Alexa redirection, which includes the use of redirect links that divert traffic through However, this facility was stopped by Alexa some time ago, which means you’ll only end up with 404 errors being generated, losing traffic, or both.

Embedding Alexa widgets everywhere is also not something we advise, since they can not only advertise the fact that your site isn’t all that popular, which can be counterproductive, but Alexa themselves have stated that embedding a widget has no impact whatsoever on your rank.

We only use legitimate, safe and effective methods to increase your Alexa rank. If you want a high ranking to encourage the interest of advertising networks, increase the amount advertisers pay to promote their brands through your site, and boost the value of your website business, contact us today and discover the real value of a number.

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