Finally – An SEO Service Which Also Speaks English!

SeoThat’s what many of our delighted clients have said about us in the past. We like to be different. We don’t just focus on numbers, and we don’t talk to people as though they were computers, or try to bamboozle our clients with geek-talk. It is just as important to us that your business gets the attention it deserves through highly effective search engine optimisation as it is that you are happy with the service we provide, that you feel you can discuss ideas, concerns or questions without being bombarded with abbreviations, technical terms and acronyms.

But when it comes to SEO, we mean business.

Let’s be completely frank – no online business can ever hope to succeed without being exposed to potential customers in a big way, and the only real way for solid, sustained, targeted and effective exposure is to get your website listed as high as possible on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

That’s it really. That’s what we do. We work hard using a variety of tools and strategies to get your site pushed as high up the search engine results as possible, to get you as much targeted traffic as possible. It’s our aim to make sure you are flooded with sales enquiries!

Warning – These Are The Top 3 SEO Lies

Sadly there are many companies which claim all sorts of things as far as SEO is concerned. We have seen far too many companies stating things such as:

• “We guarantee to get your website at #1 on Google”
• “We will get you ranked top for your major keyword”
• “We will double your traffic in a week”

Now the truth please. Firstly, NO SEO service can ever GUARANTEE a particular position within the search results. There is only one company in the world which can control the search results on Google, and that’s Google. Secondly, ranking top for a single keyword is almost impossible unless you’re in a niche market.

But to be honest there’s no point. Because people rarely search that way anyway. Instead we focus on promoting what are called ‘longtail keywords’ which are simply keyphrases of three words or more. It’s much easier to rank highly for these, and they’re the sort of things real people type in to the search engines anyway.

Thirdly, proper SEO takes times. You can’t expect immediate results, at least not of the doubling type. Whilst there are some online marketing tools which can increase your traffic, such as placing sponsored adverts on Google, this can be expensive, and shouldn’t be relied upon as a long term solution. We can offer advice and help your business take advantage of schemes such as pay-per-click advertising and sponsored links, but for long term, sustainable, organic growth, an effective SEO policy is essential if your business is ever going to get found.

Black Hat Or White Hat SEO?

The colour of your hat matters! There are, broadly speaking, two main ways of approaching search engine optimisation and marketing. The black hat way is to employ underhand tactics which are expressly forbidden by search engines such as Google. Admittedly they can often be tempting because they can sometimes generate very quick and apparently impressive results.

However, the search engines are quick to pick up on these tactics, and will come down very hard on every website they find employing them. This can mean that whilst your site initially rockets up the results, it very quickly plummets much further down than it ever was before. That’s if your site isn’t completely blacklisted for good, which happens to many hundreds of websites every day.

The other approach, which we only ever use, is referred to as white hat, and includes tried and tested methods which are 100% safe, and fully compliant with all recommendations and regulations. These approaches might take marginally longer to achieve the full effect, but the difference is that the growth continues, and the search engines are completely happy, safeguarding that progress for the long term.

So What SEO Methods Do We Use At Alpha SEO?

The selection and balance of approaches we recommend varies from client to client, since every business, every website and every market brings its own individuality and uniqueness. Bespoke SEO strategies are the only truly effective ones since one size most definitely does not fit all, regardless of what some people will tell you (right before offering their one size fits all service.)

But as a guide we will work through a range of on page SEO techniques, including everything from optimising URLs and navigation structures to meta tags and of course high quality on page content. We’ll look at the basic structure and layout of your pages and ensure that your site is fully optimised before pushing for external links and traffic.

Generating traffic will involve looking at possible content generation approaches such as blogs, Hub Pages, Squidoo Lenses and article marketing, as well as the host of opportunities offered by social media networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

But just because a social media platform is out there, or just because your website doesn’t currently have a blog, we don’t necessarily encourage you to leap on the bandwagon if we don’t feel the benefit justifies the cost or time.

So for a truly personal SEO approach which puts your business first before getting your business more business, talk to Alpha SEO, the unique SEO company.
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