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Social Marketing

Social Marketing Services For Greater Brand Visibility

Seo Social MarketingTraditional SEO is dead. Long gone are the days when all that mattered were keywords, content and backlinks. Whilst those elements are still important, by themselves they will never achieve the kind of brand visibility which will ensure your site receives the high level of quality, targeted traffic it deserves.

Today social marketing, or social media marketing, has to be at the very heart of almost everything you do online, from external marketing, promotion and networking right down to your site’s own content and structure. Today optimising for the search engines means optimising for real people, and this in turn means optimising your business’s online strategy to incorporate social media marketing.

And we can help.

We do social networks, online marketing and brand awareness through network marketing. From Twitter to Facebook, Google+ to LinkedIn, and the many, many other avenues besides, we can help your business succeed in a world that’s no longer driven by algorithms, spiders and robots, but by people, and the choices they make.

We help to make sure that those choices are ones which put your business first. At the top.

Let us show you how we do it.

What Is Social Marketing, And Why Is It Important?

The online world today is no longer powered by the search engines. Yes, it may well be that most people begin their online journeys with a search, but those searches are no longer driven purely by algorithms which look at bland statistics such as the frequency of relevant words, the number of quality backlinks or the content of meta tags.

Today it is about people.

Which we believe is exactly as it should be. The online world exists for people, not computers, and so it’s only right that people’s views, opinions, reactions and responses become the main way in which good quality content is more discoverable.

Social marketing is about using social networks to reach out to customers in a personal way, to create brand interest, to establish an online reputation for quality, and to drive your online content to achieve far more than it ever could just left to itself and the search engine’s algorithms.

But perhaps that sounds too vague? Too sales speak?

Let’s be clear: you can create content, and then sit around waiting for someone to chance upon it, or you could get up and out there, reaching those customers at the vital moment when they’re first considering the possibility of making a purchase.

Social marketing is like standing in the middle of the best conference in the world talking to people face to face, shaking hands, smiling and discussing what you can offer them, rather than just printing off some leaflets, sticking them in a tray by your front door and then sitting around waiting for someone to walk past slowly enough to notice.

How Can Alpha SEO Help My Business Engage With Social Marketing?

We’re so glad you asked! At Alpha SEO we have a team of highly qualified and extremely experienced SEO and social marketing professionals who are able to offer the expertise to provide your site with a unique social networking strategy. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach, and we don’t stamp out strategies by guessing.

We review your site carefully, determining how best to market your site for best effect. Unlike some companies who boast about generating high volumes of traffic, we focus much more on making sure that the traffic generated is targeted. After all, which is better – having 10,000 people visit your site, generating almost no sales, or 100 people visiting your site, almost all of whom place an order?

So how do we reach your target market?

There are many routes to social marketing success, and not every platform is suitable for every business. For some businesses a visual platform such as Pinterest is ideal, for others YouTube offers a wealth of benefits. Many businesses benefit from the opportunities offered by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and even blogging can be extremely effective, especially if a sense of community and discussion can be encouraged through commenting.

Integrating ‘share’ buttons across your site can also be extremely effective, helping to get those people who find your content useful, interesting, engaging and valuable to think about getting the word out on your behalf.

Of course, this means making sure you really do have engaging content, just as encouraging blog comments requires a high quality blog that’s regularly updated with interesting posts.

By working closely with you, by analysing the traffic metrics and researching your business’s online impact we can determine what we feel is the best way to reach out and engage with people in a positive and meaningful way.

Remember, traffic is virtually worthless if it just passes through, or worse, turns around and heads off back to where it came from.

And the search engines think so too.

Does Effective Social Marketing Help With Search Engine Ranking Too?

Absolutely! Years ago all the search engines looked at was the vocabulary of your content, and the number of backlinks pointing at your site.

Those days are gone.

Today the search engines realise that a far better way of analysing the value, relevance and quality of a site is to monitor how real people respond to it. If real people are talking about your brand, linking to it, sharing it, commenting on it and visiting it, then this carries a very great deal of weight, and can significantly increase your site’s visibility and position in the search results.

So if you want more than just traffic, if you want highly targeted traffic that’s more likely to result in more sales, and you want your site to be more visible and commanding a higher position in the search results, contact us today and let’s make sure that your business gets the business it deserves.
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